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Posted in About this website on 04 Jan 2018

So. The first blog post. What should it be about? As adviced by shoutmeloud.com, I’ll introduce myself and the thoughts behind the website.

Who am I?

I’m Stefan. I’m 38 years old, living a normal but nice life with my wife and two kids in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I started taking photos and working with videography in the mid 1990’s, and have worked with it as a hobby since then. I even attended film school for half a year after high school, and I have a series of clients I make event photography and videography for.

My passion within photography and videography is less commercial, though: I love walking around in the city and nature, and document life as it unfolds. And this is essentially also what this site is about: Visual storytelling.

Why this website?

I have a masters degree in digital design and communication. I work with digital content creation as a lecturer at KEA and as a freelancer.

I haven’t had the time to run my own site, though. So, the main purpose is to practice what I preach. Secondly, I love photography and videography. So why not combine it all into a new hobby: To run this website?

What am I going to write about?

I love exploring places and events, so documenting my whereabouts is going to be a major part of my journal. I haven’t really narrowed my work down to a specific genre, but I guess it is a mixture of urban, street, travel and landscape photography.

Secondly, I am going to write about my efforts and experiences in getting noticed as a visual storyteller. I’m going to share a bit of work, discuss equipment, and give a couple of tips and tricks on photography and videography once in a while.

Who am I writing for?

My target audience is other people interested in visual storytelling, going through the same struggles as I am. This could typically be aspiring street and travel photographers/videographers, landscape and cityscape photographers, night photographers etc.

My secondary target group is my family and my students. I can probably find a way of forcing them to visit my site;-)

The Goal

I wouldn’t be doing all this work without a goal, but I haven’t set any KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) yet. First and foremost, I just want to get my website and Social Media up and running. I’ll evaluate the results after a year – in the fall of 2019.

What would be nice in the meantime, would be to get a couple of “shares, likes and subscribers.” That’s the first step in getting noticed as a photographer/videographer.

Are You gonna help me with this? 😉



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